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Banksy in Gaza

Banksy said he had wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on his website, “but on the Internet people only look at pictures of kittens.

Banksy made a visit to Gaza and made some ironic graffiti.  He also has some more images on his web site
Banksy Finds a Canvas and a New Fan Base in Gaza’s Ruins –

Atomic Labs Across the U.S. Race to Stop Iran

Interesting article in the NY Times about how scientists in nuclear research labs in the US aided the negotiations with Iran

It was over one of those dinners in Vienna last summer that several of the experts began wondering how they might find a face-saving way for Iran to convert its deep-underground enrichment plant at Fordo, a covert site exposed by the United States five years ago, into a research center. That would enable Iran to say the site was still open, and the United States could declare it was no longer a threat.“The question was what kind of experiment you can do deep underground,” recalled a participant in the dinner.

Source: Atomic Labs Across the U.S. Race to Stop Iran –

Apple Watch and durability: How tough are Apple's finishes?

You’ve gotta love these iMore breakdowns of Apple’s manufacturing prowess.  This one conclude the Apple Watch should hold up pretty well!
Source: Apple Watch and durability: How tough are Apple’s finishes? | iMore

The Machines Are Coming

Machines aren’t used because they perform some tasks that much better than humans, but because, in many cases, they do a “good enough” job while also being cheaper, more predictable and easier to control than quirky, pesky humans. Technology in the workplace is as much about power and control as it is about productivity and efficiency.

Source: The Machines Are Coming –

Quote shell characters

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to display a command being run and do it in a form that can be repeated from a terminal window. Unfortunately, I’ll build a command in python like this:

The trivial answer of ‘ ‘.join (args) produces something that can’t be passed to the shell:

Here is a code fragment and some attached tests that provide better quoting. It’s used like this:

And the result of running this:

Middle East Friendship Chart

Slate has a great interactive chart showing friend/ambivalent/enemy status between middle eastern countries. In the interactive version you can click on each cell and see the explanation. Examples such as:

Ranking friendliness

Taking a -1, 0, +1 to rank the entities it seems Iraq is the only country with a surplus of friends and the US isn’t looking as bad as you’d think:

  • Al-Qaida: -10 (friends with no one)
  • Egypt: -6
  • Hamas: -3
  • Hezbollah: -2
  • Iran: -2
  • Iraq: +1
  • ISIS: -12 (everybody’s enemy)
  • Israel: -6
  • Palestinian Authority: 0
  • Saudi Arabia: -3
  • Syria: -5
  • Turkey: -4
  • US: -1

Making it friendlier?

If we ignore Al-Qaida (no one’s friend) and ISIS (everyone’s enemy) the results become a little more positive but still not an outpouring of friendship:
– Egypt: -4
– Hamas: -2
– Hezbollah: 0
– Iran: -1
– Iraq: +3
– Israel: -4
– Palestinian Authority: 2
– Saudi Arabia: -1
– Syria: -3
– Turkey: -2
– US: +1

Game of Thrones meets Rdio

Some humorous social media advertising on Rdio

Arya Stark

Arya Stark reviewed a playlist.
Playlist by Joffrey Baratheon
Great to hear you are dead – one less on my list.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow reviewed an album.
Shades Of Cool
Lana Del Rey
You know nothing about the lower temperatures my dear… But if you need a fur – I have a couple lying around.
Happy to help.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister reviewed a playlist.
Playlist by Tyrion Lannister
If they let me drink in this damn cage I would be tossing wine all over for these jams.

Buy or Rent?

Is it better to rent or buy?

The NY Times has a great interactive calculator for evaluating the trade-offs of buying vs. renting. It looks to cover everything:

  • House Price
  • Interest rates
  • Length of mortgage
  • Downpayment
  • Planned time to occupy
  • Future rental rates
  • Housing market expected increases
  • Taxes
  • Maintenance fees

It produces a number like:

If you can rent a similar
home for less than …
$961 PER
… then renting is better.

Unsubscribe from cheap tickets email

I Hate Cheaptickets

I bought some tickets via and kep teething all these emails. Clicking on the “unsubscribe” link didn’t do anything. Cut & paste would show a funky URI such as x-webdoc://329FFAF9-8186-4348-9BB3-44C9C920A90F
There was some discussion on an Apple Support Community but nothing useful.
I tried it in Apple Mail, then in Gmail (using Safari) then Gmail (using Chrome) all with no luck.
Finally, I took a look at the raw message.
– In Apple Email that is:
– Raw message: View -> Message -> Raw Source)
– Just the headers (View -> Message -> All Headers)
– In Gmail:
– Top right of a message is the More -> Show Original
And noticed a header List-Unsubscribe: with a URI. Cut&Paste that URL into a browser. Presto, I was unsubscribed. w00t! Btw, be suspicious of any such URI.
Gmail also has an unsubscribe button that appears just to the right of the address.

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