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How Journalists Covered the Rise of Mussolini and Hitler

When Hitler’s party won influence in Parliament, and even after he was made chancellor of Germany in 1933 – about a year and a half before seizing dictatorial power – many American press outlets judged that he would either be outplayed by more traditional politicians or that he would have to become more moderate. Sure, he had a following, but his followers were “impressionable voters” duped by “radical doctrines and quack remedies,” claimed The Washington Post. Now that Hitler actually had to operate within a government the “sober” politicians would “submerge” this movement, according to The New York Times and Christian Science Monitor. A “keen sense of dramatic instinct” was not enough. When it came to time to govern, his lack of “gravity” and “profundity of thought” would be exposed.

Source: How Journalists Covered the Rise of Mussolini and Hitler

The Salary Needed to Buy a Home

San Francisco is the most expensive ($148k); second is New York City ($87k).   Lots of places in the $45k to $65k range.

Source: The Salary Needed to Buy a Home in 27 Different U.S. Cities | Quantwo

Here is 24hrs condensed to 12sec from a geostationary, Japanese satellite.  I particularly like the sun reflecting off the ocean.


This is so me


Historic day

rainbow house

Apple Watch and durability: How tough are Apple's finishes?

You’ve gotta love these iMore breakdowns of Apple’s manufacturing prowess.  This one conclude the Apple Watch should hold up pretty well!
Source: Apple Watch and durability: How tough are Apple’s finishes? | iMore

The Machines Are Coming

Machines aren’t used because they perform some tasks that much better than humans, but because, in many cases, they do a “good enough” job while also being cheaper, more predictable and easier to control than quirky, pesky humans. Technology in the workplace is as much about power and control as it is about productivity and efficiency.

Source: The Machines Are Coming –

Quote shell characters

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to display a command being run and do it in a form that can be repeated from a terminal window. Unfortunately, I’ll build a command in python like this:

The trivial answer of ‘ ‘.join (args) produces something that can’t be passed to the shell:

Here is a code fragment and some attached tests that provide better quoting. It’s used like this:

And the result of running this:

Game of Thrones meets Rdio

Some humorous social media advertising on Rdio

Arya Stark

Arya Stark reviewed a playlist.
Playlist by Joffrey Baratheon
Great to hear you are dead – one less on my list.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow reviewed an album.
Shades Of Cool
Lana Del Rey
You know nothing about the lower temperatures my dear… But if you need a fur – I have a couple lying around.
Happy to help.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister reviewed a playlist.
Playlist by Tyrion Lannister
If they let me drink in this damn cage I would be tossing wine all over for these jams.

Unsubscribe from cheap tickets email

I Hate Cheaptickets

I bought some tickets via and kep teething all these emails. Clicking on the “unsubscribe” link didn’t do anything. Cut & paste would show a funky URI such as x-webdoc://329FFAF9-8186-4348-9BB3-44C9C920A90F
There was some discussion on an Apple Support Community but nothing useful.
I tried it in Apple Mail, then in Gmail (using Safari) then Gmail (using Chrome) all with no luck.
Finally, I took a look at the raw message.
– In Apple Email that is:
– Raw message: View -> Message -> Raw Source)
– Just the headers (View -> Message -> All Headers)
– In Gmail:
– Top right of a message is the More -> Show Original
And noticed a header List-Unsubscribe: with a URI. Cut&Paste that URL into a browser. Presto, I was unsubscribed. w00t! Btw, be suspicious of any such URI.
Gmail also has an unsubscribe button that appears just to the right of the address.

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