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The New World Order

As I’m breaking old habits of actually getting work done, this puts it all in perspective:
The new world order: aka “New media douchbag”

Animated slides

I ran across which lets you upload a bunch of still photos, select some music, and turn it into a video. And it’s dirt simple.

More pizza

Can’t ever have enough pizza:
[photonic ids=’1363,1364,1365″‘ style=’launch’ fx=’wipe’ slideshow_height=’500′ columns=’3′ thumb_width=’100′ thumb_height=’100′ thumbnail_size=’thumbnail’ slide_size=’medium’ timeout=’4000′ speed=’1000′ ]

I almost know somebody almost, about to be, maybe, famous

But “Aisha Attack”, really?

Making Meals in a Rice Cooker

Hmm, I don’t like making rice and I’m certainly not as vested in it as some (aka F). Perhaps I should try this:
From Making Meals in a Rice Cooker

Shabnam Rezaei, an editor and producer, who grew up in Tehran in
the 1970s and now lives in New York and Vancouver, said that a fundamental
expectation for women in Iran is the ability to make tender, fluffy rice. “There
are all kinds of jokes in Farsi about how women must keep their eyes on the rice
pot or they will not find a husband,” she said. Making Persian rice correctly
requires the cook to rinse and soak the grains, parboil them, dump them out, oil
the pot, put the rice back and steam it, covered with a towel, until tender and
surrounded by a golden crust on the bottom and sides called the tahdig.
It is perhaps not surprising that rice cookers, with a built-in tahdig function,
have become standard in Iran. In a culture where rice is so important, such a
staple, she said, the rice cooker can bring a kind of liberation for women.

Today in music

Thanks to my son misplacing an adaptor for my earphones to work with my iPhone I had to turn to internet radio for background noise to block out the office chatter. Well, at least it’s giving me something new on my playlist. Trying out 100hitz and the Alternative channel

  • Just listened to Lucinda Williams’s “Righteously”. A bit bluesy, a bit country, a bit rock.
  • How about Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” (MTV unplugged). I’m not normally a Korn person.

Ancient history

I’m googling myself and collecting some of the results:

Cat Power: Jukebox

A friend introduced us to this: Cat Power’s Jukebox

It’s somewhere between Mellisa Etheridge and Joni Mitchell.

REM: Accelerate

I got REM’s latest: Accelerate:
It’s good but honestly part of what may REM great back in the day was they had a new sound. Well, that was 20 years ago. Good stuff but not novel.

Guggenheim: Cai Exhibit

We went to the Guggenheim yesterday (10 min walk and Credit Suisse has a corporate membership so it’s free). Usually I think the building ends up being more interesting then the exhibit but this exhibit of work by Cai
was really interesting.
He uses Chinese themes to contrast the failures of both Western and Chinese cultures.
For example, this represents both the Cultural Revolution’s ruinous attempt with the great leap forward but also Western’s society’s preference for the obvious.
Cai is into explosions as art. There were lots of videos of things being ignited and exploded. This installation is a great use of the Guggenheim. It’s a static view of a car being blown up.

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