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Updating an AWS instance and wordpress multisite hostname

Just in case you haven’t heard about heartbleed or like comic strip explanation. Bruce Schneier has a good run down on how screwed we all are including this link to the logs of a possible exploit half a year ago.
So I figured I better update my server. First off, I’m using an AWS instance to host the web site. I’m both proud and embarrassed. The system has been up for 11 months.

Updating the software was fairly easy

But it pretty much required a reboot to make sure everything was using the new libraries.
After that was done my wordpress installation was using the wrong hostname. Here are the tables I updated. The id, blog_id and table name wp_options are somewhat specific to my installation.

WP sitemap problems

Arghh, I kept getting an empty sitemap.xml. I tried different plugins, changed settings — nothing. I removed an empty file sitemap.xml still nothing. Finally, I noticed a site map.xml.gz — presto, it works. Much better.

WordPress 3.0 update

Update to 3.0 went pretty smoothly. I’m having some problem with images (added how to fix below)

  • Ran my custom backup script:

  • Downloaded wordpress 3.0:

  • Make sure you know the WP administrator user password as WP 3.0 uses a “Super Admin” interface.
  • No real special requirements for my site for wpmu upgrade most a lot of warnings about plugins and themes not necessarily being compatible.
  • Follow the directions or these even better directions
    • Disable plugins from site admin web page
    • Remove (save somewhere else) wp-admin, wp-includes
    • Extract the wordpress-3.0.files
    • Fix permisions (this is Apple’s Snow Leopard Server)

  • remove blogs.php

  • Modify .htaccess to add the rule for wp-files (replacings blogsphp):

  • Upgrade the site ( Login as the administrator user, if you don’t see “Super Admin” you aren’t the right user.
  • My site admin had some extra steps to perform like getting rid of blogs.php and adding some code
    for the cookies.
  • Update the plugins

Upgrading from WPMU to WordPress 3.0

I’m starting to do the upgrade from WPMU to WordPress 3.0 today. Important Things You Should Know Before Upgrading to WordPress 3.0:

WordPress MU has been merged into regular WP, which means whether or not you need multiple blogs (sites now) you will download it from the same place (


I re-edited a bunch of posts to fix the stripped out angle bracket. Interesting writing.

Fixing libxml2, php, WordPress, and the missing angle brackets

Someone posted a temporary fix for WordPress that takes the raw xml and replaces the offending entities with characters. He found three places. The fix looks like:

Fixing libxml2, php, WordPress, and the missing angle brackets

I was having problems with MarsEdit after updating to OpenSuse 11.1 because of a bug in php aggravated by a recent release of libxml2 (details here).
I was waiting for a real fix but lost my patience today. The advice was to “fall back to libxml2-2.6.32” so here’s what I did:

  1. Grabbed the RPM from the OpenSuse 11.0 cd. Or, if you trust me you can download it from here: libxml2-2.6.32-11.1.i586.rpm
  2. Install the RPM overriding any recent release which is what the “–force” flag does. Do the following as “root” from a terminal window:
  3. Now fix the symlinks in /usr/lib so everyone uses the new (but old) library:
  4. Actually, I didn’t do the above but instead replaced the actual 2.7.2 library:
  5. Restart apache so that PHP uses the new libraries:

WordPress, libxml2 bug

I just upgraded to OpenSuse 11.1 and it’s giving WordPres grief. MarsEdit looses the left angle bracket characters when the article is transmitted via xmlrpc. I don’t have a solution but here’s what’s going on:

I downloaded libxml2-2.7.2 and installed. It didn’t help.

WordPress migration

I switched from blogger, which is the google hosted blogs to my own self hosted blog running WordPress. To be precise, I’m running WPMU or WordPress multi-user.
I did it mostly because my home-brewed website wasn’t being fully utilized. WordPress gave me the basics of what I wanted: provide some static contact, make it easy to link to anything I have under development, and provide the dynamic content (aka blog entries).
Wordpress offers a decent number of themes and lots of ways to customize. I also wanted to be able to upload photos and videos more directly instead of going through Picasa or Fickr.
The migration is easy — you can import directly into WordPress from Blogger. While in WordPress:
I’m not sure what went wrong for me but I lost all the formatting the articles had.
There were some problems with funky characters that caused MarsEdit issues but some editting took care of that.

Installing OpenSuse 11.0

A little late to the party (11.1 is going to be available in 5 days on Dec 18, 2008) but I finally upgraded my server, including going to OpenSuse 11.0. Btw, installing from a DVD is way better than poping CDs in and out. Some notes along the way:

  • I had to enable DHCP explicitly
  • After enabling DHCP, I had to do /etc/init.d/network restart
  • Ran updates
  • Installed printer. Via timecapsule, Network print direct
  • Installed apache2, mod_python, etc
  • Installed mercurial
  • Installed gcc/g++ (4.3)
  • qt4-devel, qt4-devel-doc, PyQt qt
  • emacs, emacs-lisp, xemacs, xemacs-packages
  • texlive, texlive-latex
  • boost
  • doxygen
  • make
  • scons

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