The rich stay richer

Funny how the rich take care of themselves. There are rumors that the people most responsible for Lehman’s losses are working on compensating themselves for their own loss:
Talk Of Palace Coup & Strategic Chaos At Top Firm

Finally, The Sunday Times reports that Lehman is trying work out a payout plan for senior executives to compensate them for ‘the huge loss of value in their share options’, due to the dramatic fall in the firm’s share price over the last 12 months. The newspaper quotes an unnamed source, who said: ‘There has been talk at a senior level about finding some form of compensation for the loss of value in the share options’.


More on Dr. Ivins and Anthrax

The FBI is starting to walk-back some of it’s circumstantial evidence against
Dr. Ivins. It turns out that he did give them the correct sample and it was
just that the FBI messed up. In other words, he wasn’t trying to mislead them
like the criminal master mind the FBI is implying. Note: the strains did match
but, unlike the FBI’s claim, it’s possible that nearly a 100 people had access
to that particular strain.
Also, the envelopes that got traced to the post
office near his home turn out to be more widely available then originally
F.B.I. Will
Present Scientific Evidence in Anthrax Case to Counter Doubts

But F.B.I. officials acknowledged at the closed-door
briefing, according to people who were there, that the sample Dr. Ivins gave
them in 2002 did in fact come from the same strain used in the attacks, but,
because of limitations in the bureau’s testing methods and Dr. Ivins’s failure
to provide the sample in the format requested, the F.B.I. did not realize that
it was a correct match until three years later.

In addition, people who
were briefed by the F.B.I. said a batch of misprinted envelopes used in the
anthrax attacks — another piece of evidence used to link Dr. Ivins to the
attacks — could have been much more widely available than bureau officials had
initially led them to believe.


Anthrax, Ivins, and Conspiracies

I’ve been following the Dr. Ivins suicide and the FBI accusations against him for being the Anthrax killer. I’m pretty skeptical that the FBI got the right person.
First, it sounds like he just didn’t have the tools or specific knowledge to create the Anthrax letters. The accusations are only sound from the perspective of someone that doesn’t quite get the technology: he’s an expert in Anthrax Vaccines so obviously an expert in Anthrax and he knows so much more about it then nearly everyone in the world therefore he can make a weaponized version of Anthrax.
It’s rather like accusing me of writing a computer virus and because I know so much about programming and operating systems. Compared to the average person and from the average person’s perspective it make sense. But when you look at the virus, it was written in Java and I’m a C++/C#/Python person. Sure, I could learn Java but everyone around me would know I was learning Java.
Read this for a little more perspective:
Anthrax Vaccine — posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.: Did Ivins have the knowledge and access to produce weaponized, dry anthrax

It is unlikely that Ivins knew how to prepare weaponized anthrax, but not inconceivable.
However, the amount he would have had to process was larger than needed for his animal experiments. Each letter is thought to have contained 2-3 trillion spores. I can t recall his animals receiving more than about a million spores each. So roughly one million times as much anthrax was needed for the letters as for an animal experiment. Increasing the scale of fermentation should have been noticed. Drying anthrax would have been noticed, as there was no need to prepare any other anthrax specimens this way. Sudden use of a dryer for large samples would be suspicious. Post-drying processing for the letter anthrax likely took place; were the materials needed available to Ivins?

At the same time, I don’t think Ivin’s suicide is anything but a suicide. No conspiracy theory needed there. If the FBI had been hounding me for an extended period, telling my children I was mass murderer, and ready to indict me for murder, I’d be driven to despair and feeling pretty suicidal. What would you do?
I also don’t think there’s some Government conspiracy. The FBI agents in the investigation have just spent more money then any other investigation. Want to bet they are under a lot of pressure to conclude it? Have you ever been involved in a company’s most expensive project ever and there’s no sign of it being completed? Ever feel like cutting a few corners? Ever want to just get it over with?
Glenn Greenwald/a has a series of articles talking about it.
This is definitely a topic that deserves the best of your critical reading skills. You shouldn’t draw a conclusion (either way, including that he’s innocent) until long after all this evidence is reviewed.