Solar System to Scale

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel A tediously accurate map of the solar system

In line with an earlier post talking about the the scale of the solar system checkout if the moon were 1 pixel gives you a visceral feel for the size of the solar system.   I only made it out to Saturn.  It took a long, long time to scroll.
It makes you imagine how long an interplanetary trip would take.  There is a lot of nothing. It was so boring just scrolling for a few minutes. Just black. No air.

  • Traveling from Earth to Mars would take about seven months.  
  • Earth is at 150M km;
  • Mars is at 225M km.
  • Jupiter is a 13 month trip and is at the kilometer marker 750M. No rest stops.

Solar System

Here is a table if you wanted to make a scale version of the solar system. It’s based on making the Earth a 1in sphere and then gives how far from the Sun each planet should be and how big of a ball to use for each planet.
This is from frink a programming language based on accurate representation of units. If you are into really nerding-out take a look at the unit data which describes lots of possible unit conversions.

Name Distance from Sun Diameter
Sun 9 feet, 1.3 in
Mercury 378 feet, 8.8 in 0.383 in
Venus 707 feet, 7.6 in 0.95 in
Earth 978 feet, 4.5 in 1.0 in
Mars 1490 feet, 8.8 in 0.533 in
Jupiter 5090 feet, 3.7 in 11.221 in
Saturn 1 miles, 4068 feet 9.46 in
Uranus 3 miles, 2936 feet 4.012 in
Neptune 5 miles, 3011 feet 3.887 in
Pluto 7 miles, 1715 feet 0.178 in

Scaled speed of light: 1.337 mph