Game of Thrones meets Rdio

Some humorous social media advertising on Rdio

Pete s Network Rdio

Arya Stark

Arya Stark reviewed a playlist.
Playlist by Joffrey Baratheon
Great to hear you are dead – one less on my list.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow reviewed an album.
Shades Of Cool
Lana Del Rey
You know nothing about the lower temperatures my dear… But if you need a fur – I have a couple lying around.
Happy to help.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister reviewed a playlist.
Playlist by Tyrion Lannister
If they let me drink in this damn cage I would be tossing wine all over for these jams.

Technology Using rdio and collections

How to use


The collection is like your record/cd collection. It’s nice for browsing. You can use it to impress people with its size, or variety, or depth of your 80’s music. Whatever you like. Rdio’s algorithms use it to help suggest other music.
It’s nothing like your physical record/cd collection because nothing has to be in your collection for you to listen to it. You can listen to an album by searching for it, or see someone else is listening to an album, or that it’s popular. Just click to play to listen as easily as as if it was in your collection.
You can add individual songs to your collection, entire albums, or every album by Duran Duran. It doesn’t take up any disk space; it doesn’t cost you anything more; you don’t run into some limit on the number of songs. Adding to your collection has zero cost and similar worth.
The Collection is a traditional way of organizing your music.

Technology Using rdio and playlists

More on how to use Rdio


Playlists offer the ultimate flexibility — it’s the modern version of a mix-tape. You can make your own Duran Duran “Greatest Hits” album — it’s just called a playlist instead of an album. You can have as many songs on your playlist as you want: “My favorite 50 Duran Duran songs” or “My favorite 500 songs”.

Screenshot 11 21 13 11 02 PM 5

A song can be on as many different playlists as needed.
I have a couple standard playlists. The one I listen to the most:

  • “Dark”: Whenever I find something new (or old) that I like a lot I put it here. I usually keep it around 20 songs. After I get tired of something I move it to one of the following playlists for old favorites.

When I run into an old favorite I’ll put it onto a playlist organized by decade. That’s because it tends to be a “objective” way for me to organize songs. The answer to “is this rock or alternative” seems to change day-to-day for me.

  • “60’s”
  • “70’s”
  • “80’s”
  • “90’s”
  • “naughts” (2000’s)
  • “10’s”

I have a few playlists for occasions:

  • “Pre-Dinner” for before a dinner party
  • “At Dinner” while eating
  • “Post Dinner” for some louder, funner music.
  • “Sunday Morning” some classical music

I have a playlist that I just dump stuff on to listen to later:

  • “Try This”

You can also just add music to your “Up Next” list. More about that later.
Then I have some silly project playlists:

  • “Sidereal Days” I was collecting songs from a book about the early days of Rock&Roll
  • “NYC” Songs about New York City.

Feel free to create playlists however you like to think about music. You are no longer bound by the constraints of the album.

Technology Intro and Pricing

I’ve used Rdio for the past half-year and thought I’d explain how it works. I also had Spotify for a similar amount of time before switching to Rdio. They are very similar; I liked Rdio more.

You rent music from Rdio for about $10/month (I’m paying $18 for my wife and me plus another $5 for my son). We each get unlimited music and downloads. We each have separate accounts. Really! You can download thousands of songs to your iPhone, iTouch, or other smart phones. Obviously, you can only download limited by storage capacity. I do that for music I listen to regularly so it keeps working while I’m on the subway. If music is not already stored on my device it is streamed so you can always listen to more music.
When you stop paying you lose access to the music.
You can download an app for you Mac — for some reason I tend to prefer desktop apps. Probably some outdated notion that desktop apps are more capable then a web based interface — not so true given the number of people that use web based interfaces.

Screenshot 5 16 13 11 22 PM

The web interface is pretty similar to the app. It’s nice because you can use it without installing any software so it’s much easier to use a work.

Screenshot 5 19 13 9 26 PM