Obituary for a Failed Presidency

Obituary for a Failed Presidency | The New Yorker:

…the stalking menace of these past few years. As Trump became more powerful and less constrained by successive waves of White House advisers, he was correspondingly more and more outrageous, untruthful, and unmoored from reality. His sense of grievance and victimization escalated; so, too, did his threats, name-calling, and public provocations. He fired the F.B.I. director, a Secretary of State, an Attorney General, a Defense Secretary, three White House chiefs of staff, and two—or three, depending on whose account you believe—national-security advisers. He pardoned war criminals and boasted of complete and total vindication in the Mueller investigation, even though it offered no such thing. He forced the longest government shutdown in history when Congress would not fund his border wall—all while continuing to claim that Mexico would pay for it.


Geology 100: Exam 3 review

Geology 100: Exam 3 Review

  • Last lecture: Thu, Dec 3 (review)
  • Last day: Tues, Dec 8th
  • Final:
    • Tues, Dec 8th around 3pm until 8
    • or Tues, Dec 15th@5:20pm
    • 1.5hr
    • 40 questions
    • Geologic time and Plate Tectonics


  • When did dinosaurs Become extinct
  • How old is earth
  • Which era did dinosaurs live
  • What was the earliest form of life
  • Eras and periods of geologic time table (keep handy)
  • In what era do we live now?
  • Who is father of geology
  • Unconformity
  • Unitarism
  • What isotope for events in past 50k years
  • What is half-life
    • If 25% is left how many half-lives
  • Faunal succession
  • Which isotope is used for organic remains
  • Mesozoic super continent’s name?
  • How old is oldest oceanic crust
  • Given something like east Africa ridge what type of plate boundary
  • Where find submarine trenches and what type of plate boundary
  • How did the Andes mountains form?
  • What did Vine&Matthews explain?
  • What explains magnetic stripes orientation on ocean floor
  • What is mechanism for plate tectonics
  • What type of setting is Iceland
  • Who originated idea of continental drift and what evidence
  • Why was it rejected
  • What is the curie point?
  • What is the lithosphere
  • How were Himmalayan mountains formed
  • What is a transform plate boundary

Geology 100: vocabulary


Physical Weathering

  • Exfoliation: rock breaks apart in layers
    • Igenous rocks
    • Half Dome
    • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Frost Wedging
    • Shattered rocks
  • Biological
  • Abrasion: wind, ice, water

Chemical Weathering

  • mineral breakdown
  • Dissolution (dissolver in water)
  • Acid Reactions (water + CO2 carbonic acid); Water + sulfur sulfuric aside
    • H2O + CO2 + CaCO3 –> Ca+2 + 2HCO3-
  • Oxidation
  • Hydration: attachment of water to crystalline structure
  • Hydrolysis: Hydrogen and oxygen in water with rock
  • Solution: rock is dissolved in water
    • pH, temperature
    • evaporite deposits
  • Goldrich Stability series
    • Similar to Bowen’s Reaction Series but for speed to weather
    • Olivine/pyroxene + H2CO3 (acid) to clay
  • Karst landforms
    • limestone sinkhole

Erosion by Gravity

  • Rock fall
    • Talus: debris at base of a steep slope
    • Peru, 1970 Nevado Huascaran
  • Rock Slides
  • Soil Slumps
  • Mud flows
  • Lahar: 1985 Columbia: 70km!
  • Debris flow
  • Creep: leaning poles, bent trees

Erosion by water

  • Point bar: deposits from water slowing
  • Cut Bansk show erosion from fast water
  • River meanders
  • Oxbow lakes (Australian Billabong)
  • Alluvial Fans

Aswan Dam

  • 1960 – 1971
  • Formed Lake Nassar
  • Many economic tenets
  • Many ecological/economic costs

Ground Water

  • Water cycle
    • Percolation: water seeping into ground water
    • Run off to see
    • Evaporation
    • Condenstations
    • Precipitation
    • Transpiration: water from plants)


  • Movement
  • Types: Alpine, Continental

Deserts and Wind Action