It was a great Thanksgiving but I’m afraid I’m suffering from a turkey induced daze today. I really just want to go take a nap. Every year, I’m reminded how silly it is for most businesses (non-retail) to be open on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s probably the most unproductive day of the year.
Seriously, I need to organize my vacation time better. Switching jobs left me with two vacation days for the rest of the year. On balance, it’s pretty cool that I’m getting vacation time. I’m using those two days for pre-New Years: Fri (12/28) and Monday (12/31) so I can’t take today off.


Just some photos of the end of winter last year on the beginning of winter this year. We had the first hint of snow today.
IMG 1846.jpg
This was us along the North Shore of Long Island on one of the first in March, 2007.