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Here are the performance numbers about Qt4.5’s improvement in JavaScript performance that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. It offers about a seven times performance improvement on ix86 processors. From Lightning-fast JavaScript:

For Qt 4.5, the JavaScript engine is powered by a new bytecode interpreter, along with optional JIT (just-in-time) compile support. They are often referred as SquirrelFish and SquirrelFish Extreme, respectively. This interpreter has been developed by Apple engineers working on WebKit in order to speed-up JavaScriptCore, the backbone of WebKit’s JavaScript engine. The interpreter makes its first appearance in the recent Safari 4 Public Beta, where it is dubbed as Nitro JavaScript Engine.

Longer is better:



I’d looked into SproutCore and sort of liked the idea. I see Apple is doing more with it — the gallery of MobileMe looks pretty cool.
Here’s an interesting video (jump to the 20min point and listen for about 20min) that argues why we should move more business logic to the browser and use a higher level framework like SproutCore.