The Seashore image editor

I tried Seashore to do some very simple image. It was perfect for my simple usage and looks to be able to handle more:

Seashore is a free, open-source image editor for built entirely in Cocoa. It features advanced tools like multiple layers and alpha channel editing, alongside basic tools like gradients, textures, text (with subpixel rendering) and brushes


DVD Ripping

I’ve been watching more movies on my laptop while commuting to work on the train. I’d mostly been happy either buying them from iTunes or just playing the DVD. However, lately I’ve wanted to have a couple available and decided to try some of the dvd rippers.
I’d used “Mac the Ripper” but it’s getting rather dated and since I upgraded to Snow Leopard I’ve been avoiding installing Rosetta to run old PowerPC binaries. So it was out.
I tried Aieesoft’s “DVD Ripper” but the demo wasn’t that impressive and I didn’t like the way the movies were organized. Why no titles?
I ended up trying Ripit and it does just what I want: insert a DVD and it copies it and names it appropriately.


It worked pretty well.
Price is $19.95 and you get 10 free conversions to try it out. It’s based on the open source Handbrake decoders.


Qt 4.5 released


Qt is now released under the Lesser General Public License meaning it can be freely linked into commercial applications.


Read What’s New or a more detailed description to see what’s changed since Qt 4.4 (released in May, 2008).

  • If you haven’t upgraded to Qt4, here’s what changed since Qt 3.3.4 in June, 2005.

  • Latest WebKit (aka the html display used by Apple’s Safari browser) including support for Netscape plug in so, for example, Flash can be embedded. Includes HTML 5 and CSS animation.

  • XSLT support (XML translation)

  • QtCreator is a Visual Studio like editor that works cross platform and incorporates debuging support and Qt Designer (a layout editor).

  • Mac OS X Cocoa support (latest Mac graphics library). Enables 64-bit support.


Read either Improved Performance or a white paper with more details and it requires registration so they can email it to you.

  • FileDialog is significantly faster (60x in one case)

  • QGraphicsView optimized

  • Clipping sped up.

  • Added SquirrelFish javascript engine which is much, much faster.

  • Added QtBenchLib to make application performance testing easier.


A few other noteworthy changes: