The Democratic Surge

Here are some more statistic supporting my previous post that Republicans are toast. The turnout in Democratic primaries has been phenominal:
From The Democratic Party :

– Turnout increases ranged from 18 percent in Arkansas to an astronomical 2,549 percent in Kansas.
– In contrast, comparing 2008 Republican turnout to the last contested Republican primary in 2000, Republican turnout either stayed relatively stagnant or decreased. Sinking turnout throughout the country for Republicans shows the contrast between Democrats and Republicans this primary season.
– In fact, for the 30 states for which comparable data is available, 27 of them saw more Democratic than Republican voters this year.

And even though John McCain is the presumptive Republican nominee, one quarter of Republicans voted for a candidate not even in the race anymore:

As Democrats continue to see unprecedented enthusiasm for our candidates, the
news continues to be worrisome for John McCain. Even after locking up the
Republican nomination, 27 percent of Republican voters voted for another
Republican candidate in North Carolina, and 23 percent of Republican voters
voted for another Republican candidate in Indiana. [abcnews.com, accessed

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