Notes on u-ISV

From Mac Software Business podcast “MacSB (001): Getting Started as a Mac Indie Developer”

  • Copy: Adding features write description for later cut and paste
  • Licensing
  • Payment processing: paypal, ecellerate
  • Marketing
  • Sparkle (updates)
  • Forums, email lists
  • Help book
  • Support hours
  • Bug database (omni-outliner, trac, fogbug)
  • Lost registration codes
  • Source control


  • Experimenting in code base to be shipped (one proj in Xcode)
  • Don’t be stingy about free licenses
  • Release


  • Put it up on Version Tracker, MacUpdate.
  • Blogs helped
  • Google add words (waste of money)
  • Press releases good
  • Apple’s download site

From podcast “Mac Software Business: MacSB (008): Becoming a Micro-ISV” which is an interview with Bob Walsh

  • You have to work on something you’d like to work on for the next three years
  • You may not be an expert in the area but remember you’ll be working with
    people in the area so you better like those people!
  • Blogging is the simplest and most effective way to connect to your market and
    even just improve your professional career.

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