Google adwords and “my brand”

I woke up early this morning and decided using Google AdWords was a brilliant idea and not at all creepy. So I followed the advice in item 5 and took out an ad via Google AdWords.
I chose pretty strange search words (python, qt, PyQt) so it’d be cheap. I also limited the searches to New York (fewer adds served). Finally, I had a $25 credit so it’s essentially a free experiment.
So searching Google for “PyQt” in New York results in this display:
google pyqt
The text is lame but it’s easy to change.
Google AdWords now shows I’ve had 850 impressions (Impr) and one click through (Clicks). What, I actually had a click through!
google adwords
I better go check that click through out:
wordpress stats
(that’s from WordPress and the StatPress plugin). The person was searching for “andaconda sports” and the results look like:
andaconda sports
The first time I looked, my page showed up first.
So the person immediately clicked on the very first link! That bozo cost me $0.43 while looking for a sporting goods store! I’m a software developer! WTF?
So how did my page show up? Google must have figured “Andaconda” was really “Anaconda” (which is a snake) and further decided that Anaconda and Python are related. So the bozo must be interested in me because I mentioned Python. So that blows half my advertising budget for today!

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