Refining google AdWords

I’ve been monitoring the results of trying a Google AdWord campaign ($25 for a month). This is the third day since I started to “brand” myself (it’s more painful then it sounds). Here are the searches that resulted in a click through:

  • “andaconda sports”
  • “python” but it was a search limited to
  • “snake game”
  • “where can i sell my snake”

Google associates Python, a programming language in my world, with “snakes”.
I went back to Google AdWords to refine my keywords and discovered a few more details. For example, you can add a “-” to mean “not this word” and you can surround a word in quotes to avoid the broad match (e.g. “snake” matches “python”). Here’s the set of words I’m using now:

  • PyQt
  • django
  • pyqt
  • python qt
  • qt
  • qt designer
  • “python”
  • -snake

So far I’ve spent $1.63 for six click thru’s that are totally worthless. That’s not such a big deal at this point though it does warn me about two things:

  1. If you don’t have an easy way to monitor what search words are being used you shouldn’t be using AdWords.
  2. A lot of people just click on the first thing that shows up. I have no idea why someone looking for “snake game” would click on a link “Pete Ware — Developer”!

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