Unsubscribe from cheap tickets email

I Hate Cheaptickets

I bought some tickets via and kep teething all these emails. Clicking on the “unsubscribe” link didn’t do anything. Cut & paste would show a funky URI such as x-webdoc://329FFAF9-8186-4348-9BB3-44C9C920A90F
There was some discussion on an Apple Support Community but nothing useful.
I tried it in Apple Mail, then in Gmail (using Safari) then Gmail (using Chrome) all with no luck.
Finally, I took a look at the raw message.
– In Apple Email that is:
– Raw message: View -> Message -> Raw Source)
– Just the headers (View -> Message -> All Headers)
– In Gmail:
– Top right of a message is the More -> Show Original
And noticed a header List-Unsubscribe: with a URI. Cut&Paste that URL into a browser. Presto, I was unsubscribed. w00t! Btw, be suspicious of any such URI.
Gmail also has an unsubscribe button that appears just to the right of the address.