CppCon 2019: CppChat Live

John Kalb, Andrei; Herb Sutter; Phil Nash

Talking about giving a presentation

  • Recommending session
  • Giving a talk is a performance.
  • Andrei: treats each talk as different at different event. Re-does slides

Review of Andrei’s keynote

  • sort()

    algorithm needs to make many decision: attributes need to be introspected/reflect. E.g. cost of comparison; cost of move; etc

  • metaclasses are an example of this (Herb Sutter).
  • “Modules help with new features? e.g. exceptions”
  • “The dawn of a new error” by Phil Nash
  • Swift assumes out of memory is not recoverable. “C++ aspires to handle out-of-memory”
  • Looking at error handling is a great way to evaluate a language
  • Andrei:

    is a fundamental building block just like


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