Installing OpenSuse 11.0

A little late to the party (11.1 is going to be available in 5 days on Dec 18, 2008) but I finally upgraded my server, including going to OpenSuse 11.0. Btw, installing from a DVD is way better than poping CDs in and out. Some notes along the way:

  • I had to enable DHCP explicitly
  • After enabling DHCP, I had to do /etc/init.d/network restart
  • Ran updates
  • Installed printer. Via timecapsule, Network print direct
  • Installed apache2, mod_python, etc
  • Installed mercurial
  • Installed gcc/g++ (4.3)
  • qt4-devel, qt4-devel-doc, PyQt qt
  • emacs, emacs-lisp, xemacs, xemacs-packages
  • texlive, texlive-latex
  • boost
  • doxygen
  • make
  • scons

Mac OS X (10.5), NFS, and Linux

I got around to getting my MacBook to mount an NFS filesystem from my Linux server. There’s a nice set of instructions on using the Directory Utility to do so. The problem stumping me was:

kernel: nfsd: request from insecure port (!

And the bit of magic that eluded me before was adding the “-P” option:
Directory Utility.png
Unfortunately, my uid on my MacBook is 500 and on my Linux server it is 1000.
There’s an option for more recent implementations of NFS that allow the
/etc/exports file to include a ‘map_static=”/etc/nfs_map”‘ option to specify a
uid mapping but it’s not available in OpenSuse.


More CRA Idiocy

Great takedown by Barry Ritholtz of this poorly reasoned NY Times Op-ed by Howard Husock
From More CRA Idiocy

The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 was the next attempt to stop redlining. There were two main aspects of the CRA: First, it required banks to apply the same lending criteria in all communities. Credit Score, Loan-to-value, percentage of monthly take home, etc. had to be the same across different areas.

Second, the Community Reinvestment Act required banks to make good faith attempts to loan the money back to its own depositors. If you open up a branch in Harlem, you cannot suck up all the local business and residents cash, and then turn around and only lend it out to Tribeca condo buyers. You must make a fair attempt to loan the money locally. Banks have no obligation to open branches in Harlem, but if they did, they are required to at least try to lend the locals back their own money.

Note that there are no quotas, minimums or mandates. This is a very soft rating system.”

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More on bogus $70/hour for auto workers

More on bogus claim the auto workers making $70/hour.
From Economic Scene – Figure Skews Debate of a Bailout for Detroit –

“We’ve heard this garbage about 73 bucks an hour”, Senator Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, said last week. “It’s a total lie. I think some people have perpetrated that deliberately, in a calculated way, to mislead the American people about what we’re doing here.”

Here’s a nice graphic:

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Is it time to buy?

I still think it’s too risky a time to buy a house. The real estate market won’t shoot up that fast if you mis-time it by a year!
This article is trying to suggest it may be a good time (interest rates may drop to 4.5%!!!!) but don’t miss out on those little nuggets of reality:
From It May Be Time to Think About Buying a House

buyers in 33 of the markets could see a decline by 2012, including potential six-figure drops on an average home in the New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle metropolitan areas.

Here is yet another diagram showing how the price/(yearly rent) ratio was historically stable around 15. Not the last few years. So either rents need to go up (not very likely) or house prices need to come down.

Moreover, the relationship between rent and home prices showed remarkable stability. In recent
decades, the median home price has been roughly 15 times median annual rent

Here’s a link to the original report



Updated to latest XQuartz (from 2008-09-15)
From XQuartz

The Xquartz project is an open-source effort to develop a version of the X Window System that runs on Mac OS X. Together with supporting libraries and applications, it forms the that Apple has shipped with OS X since version 10.5.


Notes on u-ISV

From Mac Software Business podcast “MacSB (001): Getting Started as a Mac Indie Developer”

  • Copy: Adding features write description for later cut and paste
  • Licensing
  • Payment processing: paypal, ecellerate
  • Marketing
  • Sparkle (updates)
  • Forums, email lists
  • Help book
  • Support hours
  • Bug database (omni-outliner, trac, fogbug)
  • Lost registration codes
  • Source control


  • Experimenting in code base to be shipped (one proj in Xcode)
  • Don’t be stingy about free licenses
  • Release


  • Put it up on Version Tracker, MacUpdate.
  • Blogs helped
  • Google add words (waste of money)
  • Press releases good
  • Apple’s download site

From podcast “Mac Software Business: MacSB (008): Becoming a Micro-ISV” which is an interview with Bob Walsh

  • You have to work on something you’d like to work on for the next three years
  • You may not be an expert in the area but remember you’ll be working with
    people in the area so you better like those people!
  • Blogging is the simplest and most effective way to connect to your market and
    even just improve your professional career.