Technology Using rdio and collections

How to use


The collection is like your record/cd collection. It’s nice for browsing. You can use it to impress people with its size, or variety, or depth of your 80’s music. Whatever you like. Rdio’s algorithms use it to help suggest other music.
It’s nothing like your physical record/cd collection because nothing has to be in your collection for you to listen to it. You can listen to an album by searching for it, or see someone else is listening to an album, or that it’s popular. Just click to play to listen as easily as as if it was in your collection.
You can add individual songs to your collection, entire albums, or every album by Duran Duran. It doesn’t take up any disk space; it doesn’t cost you anything more; you don’t run into some limit on the number of songs. Adding to your collection has zero cost and similar worth.
The Collection is a traditional way of organizing your music.