Technology Using rdio and playlists

More on how to use Rdio


Playlists offer the ultimate flexibility — it’s the modern version of a mix-tape. You can make your own Duran Duran “Greatest Hits” album — it’s just called a playlist instead of an album. You can have as many songs on your playlist as you want: “My favorite 50 Duran Duran songs” or “My favorite 500 songs”.

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A song can be on as many different playlists as needed.
I have a couple standard playlists. The one I listen to the most:

  • “Dark”: Whenever I find something new (or old) that I like a lot I put it here. I usually keep it around 20 songs. After I get tired of something I move it to one of the following playlists for old favorites.

When I run into an old favorite I’ll put it onto a playlist organized by decade. That’s because it tends to be a “objective” way for me to organize songs. The answer to “is this rock or alternative” seems to change day-to-day for me.

  • “60’s”
  • “70’s”
  • “80’s”
  • “90’s”
  • “naughts” (2000’s)
  • “10’s”

I have a few playlists for occasions:

  • “Pre-Dinner” for before a dinner party
  • “At Dinner” while eating
  • “Post Dinner” for some louder, funner music.
  • “Sunday Morning” some classical music

I have a playlist that I just dump stuff on to listen to later:

  • “Try This”

You can also just add music to your “Up Next” list. More about that later.
Then I have some silly project playlists:

  • “Sidereal Days” I was collecting songs from a book about the early days of Rock&Roll
  • “NYC” Songs about New York City.

Feel free to create playlists however you like to think about music. You are no longer bound by the constraints of the album.