Geology 100: Exam 3 review

Geology 100: Exam 3 Review

  • Last lecture: Thu, Dec 3 (review)
  • Last day: Tues, Dec 8th
  • Final:
    • Tues, Dec 8th around 3pm until 8
    • or Tues, Dec 15th@5:20pm
    • 1.5hr
    • 40 questions
    • Geologic time and Plate Tectonics


  • When did dinosaurs Become extinct
  • How old is earth
  • Which era did dinosaurs live
  • What was the earliest form of life
  • Eras and periods of geologic time table (keep handy)
  • In what era do we live now?
  • Who is father of geology
  • Unconformity
  • Unitarism
  • What isotope for events in past 50k years
  • What is half-life
    • If 25% is left how many half-lives
  • Faunal succession
  • Which isotope is used for organic remains
  • Mesozoic super continent’s name?
  • How old is oldest oceanic crust
  • Given something like east Africa ridge what type of plate boundary
  • Where find submarine trenches and what type of plate boundary
  • How did the Andes mountains form?
  • What did Vine&Matthews explain?
  • What explains magnetic stripes orientation on ocean floor
  • What is mechanism for plate tectonics
  • What type of setting is Iceland
  • Who originated idea of continental drift and what evidence
  • Why was it rejected
  • What is the curie point?
  • What is the lithosphere
  • How were Himmalayan mountains formed
  • What is a transform plate boundary

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